Chris Walsh

founder of CW Resources, Inc. former VP of operations for Reebok, former Sr. VP of operations for LA Gear, former managing director for Nike/Taiwan and managing director of Nike/China

“Jump First, Think Fast describes how Frank approaches his life. It is his instincts, risk-taking, and ability to do things differently that impressed me. I learned a lot about how to just jump into things. His stories are both practical and personal. I urge readers to enjoy the stories and learn. I certainly did.”

Kosmo Kallerekos

managing director at Baring Private Equity Asia, former founding member and senior partner of The Parthenon Group

“’When the internal speed of an organization is slower than the external speed of the market, the company will eventually fail.’ This is one of my favorite quotes from Frank. Creativity, energy, optimism, and fun continuously infuse Frank’s life. I’ve been blessed to work with and learn from Frank, a motivating leader who energizes organizations, turning them into winners.

Sam K. Reed

former CEO of Keebler Foods Company, founder of TreeHouse Foods Company

“Like Mentor in Homer’s Odyssey, Frank tutored us in the realm of possibilities, preparing his cohorts for grand adventure and its rewards and perils. As the result, our ventures over four decades yielded both extraordinary shareholder returns and professional development.”

Robert P. Kirby

former CEO of Oroweat/Arnold Brands, Inc.; Dairy Division, Borden Inc.; Murray Bakery Products; Castleberry/Snows Brands Inc.

“Frank O’Connell was successful because of his commitment to goal achievement, flexibility, and ability to employ proven marketing techniques. Frank thought outside the box and has worked assiduously to maintain a mentoring relationship with me and other fellow team members.”

Lois Whitman-Hess


“In the five decades I have been working, I can’t think of any business executive, who has been such a meaningful mentor as Frank O’Connell. He taught all of us how to define goals, understand creativity, have positive attitudes, and love our work. There are so many successful executives who owe their fruitful and rewarding careers to Frank. We were all so very lucky.”

Ann Sardini

chair of the board of Treehouse Foods, consultant, board member, former CFO

“It has been my profound joy to work side-by-side with Frank O’Connell. Anyone who reads Jump First, Think Fast will see his uncanny ability to read a trend and seamlessly move on it. Frank started the long tradition of strong women leaders at Treehouse Foods where Michelle Obama was appointed to the board.”

Bill Achtmeyer

founder and former chairman and CEO of The Parthenon Group and founder, chairman, and managing partner of Acropolis Advisors

“The world needs more Frank O’Connells. He is a man of impeccable character, devoted to his family, and the most creative and successful business executive I have had the opportunity to work with for over twenty-five years. Take good notes, and maybe you can replicate what has been a stupendous and meaningful life.”

Bruce V. Rauner

former governor of Illinois Former Chairman, GTCR

“From building businesses and mentoring executives to adventuring on motorcycles, everything Frank O’Connell does is highly engaging, fun, informative, and inspirational. His book follows that same wonderful path.”

Branscombe Richmond

actor, starring role as Bobby Sixkiller, Renegade, and numerous other TV and movie roles, founder of The Renegade Posse Band

“I got to know Frank when he was CEO at Indian. I was VP Indian Affairs for Indian Motorcycles and we spent a lot of time riding the bikes and attending events. Jump First, Think Fast is pretty much how he rolls. Read this book and you’ll know his whole story.”

Tracy Dolgin

founding member Fox Sports, former CEO of YES Network (Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network)

“Everything I have learned about running a successful business and being a great boss, colleague, family man, and friend I learned from Frank. Now, everyone has the chance to learn from the man himself in his own words. Even if you are not a business executive, Frank’s way of living can help you deal with the way you live your life.”